Did you fancy Living in a farm adjacent to a Lake Near Bangalore ?

Guranteed Value For Money Managed Gated Farm Lands & Plots !
Get your Lake Side Farm Just 45 Kms from Electronic CIty Bangalore!

Starting @ Rs.150 PsFt !

Best Location at just 45 Kms from Bangalore!
Best Views - Project on banks of Three lakes !
Project right on Major District Road connecting to Kanakpura !
200 Meters from Jawalagiri Village - ATM's, Provision Stores, Hotels, Etc very close by... 
Excellent Support - Managed Gated Agriculture Farm !
Crystal Clear Legal tItles !

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Just 45 Kms from Electronic City

Or 56 Kms from Silkboard, or 38 Km from Kanakpura

In a Rich Bio-Diversity Zone near Bangalore

Very close to the North Cauvery Reserve Forest - Enjoy your time in the wilderness not very far away.

Plan Farm Size as Per your Need

We Have plots starting at quarter acre and going up to 2 acres. Your Budget Your Farm.

Managed Farm 

Have your farm managed by experts in a community managed model. Relax while your farm grows and thrives

Own a Farm Near in Bangalore

Be a Part of Dynamic Managed Farm Community in Bangalore

Get more information and Plan your Site Visit
Tel: +91 89254 12027,

What You Get at the Lakeside Farm Retreat

A simple list of features you get in the Lakeside farm Retreat

Lakeside Farm Retreat - Managed Farm Plots Near Bangalore in the “Little England” Thally

The One Acre Farms Offers “The Lakeside farm Retreat”  your farm project by the lakeside near Thally which is also called the “Little England” due to unique weather and the presence of numerous lakes.

Situated in Jawalagiri Village on the road to Kanakpura which is just 38 Kms from the Location. The Hosur Airport will be just 25 km from the project site while the Electronic CIty will be 45 Kms and SIlkBoard just around 55 Kms from this farm project near Bangalore. 

Though this Gated Community managed farm project is situated close to the fast growing Hosur Industrial Corridor, the location of the project is in an eco-sensitive zone that ensures that your green today farm will NOT be gone tomorrow,

What is the size of plots available here ?

Plot sizes starts from around 11,000 sft Quarter Acre and also available in ½ acre (21780 sft) and 1 acre (43660 sft) plots.

What is the Price of the Plots?

The Pricing of the Farm plots start at Rs.160 Per Sq Feet for a Quarter acre Plot. and goes down to Rs. 150 for a 1 Acre Plot

Does the price include cost of house or only land?

The Price is only for the Land

What all do i get for the price i pay for the land ?

You get a bueatiful farm plot with individual fencing and a road in front of your plot. You will also get your water connection through a underground pipe connection.

What other expenses do i have to incur after i buy my farm ?

You will have to pay for the internal drip irrigation and plantation materials and manure for the plants after you purchase. The above will be arranged on cost to you. You will pay the vendord directly. As we are building a community farming model, we want our community members to be involved in the farming process starting from planning and implementation. This also ensures that things are transparent and you save money.

What is the payment schedule?

You can pay a token advance and collect the documents for your legal verification process. Once your legals are clear, you can register the property immediately.

Is there any installment scheme for payment?

Yes you can avail bank loans for purchase of the property. 

Does the price include cost of house or only land?

The Price is only for the Land

Can i buy a Farm House at the Project?

Yes you can build a farm house in the property and we can help you in building your farm house.

Can I come for a site visit / when can I visit the project?

You can visit the farm any time. Just give us a call and fix your timing so that someone is there to help you around at the farm.

How do i maintain my Farm plot ? What is the maintenance model ?

We have designed the maintence model so that your cost of ownership will be kept at a minimum. We have a community based management model You only pay the the actual costs involved in managing tyour farm and not some premium to some company that will maintain your farm. 

Our Features
farmland near bangalore

Grow Your Own Food in your Own Farm plot Near Bangalore

The first step towards a healthy life is healthy food. Grow your own organic fruits and vegitables in your Managed  Farm near Bangalore

managed farmland near bangalore

Increase your Quality of Life

Imagine a life filled with health, A life filled with total peace of mind, and a life of abundance. Your journey towards a fullfilled life starts at the Hilltop Farm Retreat - The Value for money Farm land near Bangalore. 

farm land near bangalore
Grow your Wealth

Money grows on Trees ? Yes ! Grow the right trees like Sandalwood, Teak, Red Sandle Wood Etc Get several times your Investment amount

farm plots near bangalore

Increase your Lifespan

When your tummy is full with healthy natural organic food, When your lungs are filled with clean oxygen rich air, and your mind is filled with peace. The by product is a guranteed longer and fullfilled life.

Know About Our Project

Gated community Farm Spread over 10 acres ( Phase 1 )
Right on Main road
200 Meters from Jawalagiri
Social Infrastructure - Grocery shops. Petrol bunks. Hotels, Bakeries, ATM’s. Etc all just 200 Mtr to 500 Mtr Away.- Enjoy farmhouse living without hassles.
Quarter acre,Half acre and One Acre Farm Plots developed according according to Natural Farming principles - Grow your Fruits, Vegetables and herbs in your own farm
Situated on the banks of Three Lakes. Enjoy life on the banks of the lakes.
Abundant water source from open well and borewell connections.
Managed Farm - Labour quarters situated right in the property. Experienced Farm Labourers for tImely periodic maintenance for your plants and trees.
Well developed internal roads.
Excellent Investment Potential Zone
Perfect for Investment & Vacation Home
Proposed Hosur Airport around 25 Km from Project.
Kanakpura 38 KM from project Site

Why Own a Farm
 farm lands near bangalore
Create a Greener World

Grow upto 300 trees in one acre. A Greener world is not far off. Create a permaculture based food forrest or have a timber forest installed with your choice of Teak or Sandlewood plantations

agricultural land near bangalore
Increase Biodiversity

When you plant a tree you are starting a entire life cylcle. Trees attract birds and animals that make the world a better place for us to enjoy.

farms near bangalore
Go Back to nature

The Differance between Living in the concrete jungle Living in a real jungle is that you get to live a more complete, longer and satisfying Life in Nature. Get your slice of Nature. Take a little care of nature. She will take care of you and your future generations.

buy farm land near bangalore
Enjoy feeling Socially responsible 

In a world filled with armchair idealists, We need people who can really make a differance. Stop talking about Climate Change. Be the agent who transforms the the wprld for your own and the greater societys good. 

Dreamt of owning a Farm House near Bangalore?

Practical Ideas for setting up your Farm House 

Building a farm house in the Hill Top Farm Retreat is a very practical choice. Our farm is situated just 1.5 Km from  the nearest Village. you can walk down to buy your gorseries or the vegitables you did not grow in your garden. Also Available are Hotels, Bakeries, Health Clinics, Medical stores etc.

Talk to us. We can help you in designing your farm house and your farm life in short.

Own a Farm Near in Bangalore

Be a Part of Dynamic Managed Farm Community in Bangalore

Get more information and Plan your Site Visit
Tel: +91 89254 12027,


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