Looking for a Farm Land Near Bangalore ?
 Your Life will not be the same once you get to the Hill Top !

Guranteed Value For Money Managed Gated Farm Lands &
Plots !

Get yourFarm House location on the Hilltop Just 50 Kms from Electronic CIty Bangalore!
Starting @ Rs.89 PsFt !

Best Location at just 50 Kms from Bangalore!
Best Views - Get majestic views from all the sides  !
Gated community with all social infrastructure in very close proximoty !
1.2 KM Agalalottai Village -  Provision Stores, Hotels, Bakeries,  Etc very close by... 
Excellent Support - Managed Gated Agriculture Farm !
Crystal Clear Legal tItles !!

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Farm Lands  & Farn Plots Near Bangalore

Own a Farm Near in Bangalore

Be a Part of Dynamic Managed Farm Community in Bangalore

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Our Features
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Grow Your Own Food

The first step towards a healthy life is healthy food. Grow your own organic fruits and vegitables in your Managed  Farm near Bangalore

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Increase your Quality of Life

Imagine a life filled with health, A life filled with total peace of mind, and a life of abundance. Your journey towards a fullfilled life starts at the Hilltop Farm Retreat - The Value for money Farm land near Bangalore. 

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Grow your Wealth

Money grows on Trees ? Yes ! Grow the right trees like Sandalwood, Teak, Red Sandle Wood Etc Get several times your Investment amount

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Increase your Lifespan

When your tummy is full with healthy natural organic food, When your lungs are filled with clean oxygen rich air, and your mind is filled with peace. The by product is a guranteed longer and fullfilled life.


Managed Farming

No Frills Amenities

Pay for Amenities You actually USE ! We DONT have unnecessary aminities like  a "Club House", a "Swimming Pool " or a "Restruant" that doesnt function when you need it

Lowest Price Assurance

Care taken to take care of your plantation and the security of your farm. We have labour quarters in the farm in order to provide timely maintence/

Best Value for Money

The Hill top Farm retreat is situated in a agro economic zone. The high value commerial agricultural activities in the area will ensure good appreciation of your investment near Bangalore

Secutity for Entire Property

Our project is a Gated Community Farm Project Near Bangalore. We have complete fencing for both external perimeter as well as internal layout.

Common Water and Water Management

How to Reach Us ?

The weekend drive to the Floral Abode.

The Hill Top Farm Retreat, Kalpalam Road, Agalakotai VIllage, Dhenkanikottai Taluk, Krishnagiri DIstrict, Tamilnadu 635107

 +91 89254 12027 
+91 98402 11776

Locational Advantages

The Hill Top Farm Retreat is istuated in Alalokottai VIllage which is equidistant - 13 Kms from Thalli and Dhenkanikottai. The Hill top farm retreat is situated atop a gentle Hill which offers spectacular views on all directions.
Sorrounded by several lakes this managed farm project near Bangalore is the perfect week end destination or even better - the best place to start your early retirement.

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Daily Shopping

Situated at walkable distance 1.2 Kms from the farm is the Agalakottai Village - Shop your daily gorceries or vegitables that you dont grow in your farm from here

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Health Facilities

The local village has a Doctor, Clinics, and Medical shops for minor ailments, However in case of larger ailments, Hospitals are available at Dhenkanikottai-13 Kms from Project. Also SItuated in Hosur - 35 Kms from the project are several super speciality Hospitals.

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Hotels and Bakeries

Agalakottai also has several small eateries / hotels and bakeries. just in case you did not want to use that stove in your farm house.

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Transport Hubs

The nearest Airport is the Hosur Airport which is 25 Kms from the project site. You also have the Hosur Railway Station which is 30 Kms from the project location

Why Own a Farm
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Create a Greener World

Grow upto 300 trees in one acre. A Greener world is not far off. Create a permaculture based food forrest or have a timber forest installed with your choice of Teak or Sandlewood plantations

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Increase Biodiversity

When you plant a tree you are starting a entire life cylcle. Trees attract birds and animals that make the world a better place for us to enjoy.

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Go Back to nature

The Differance between Living in the concrete jungle Living in a real jungle is that you get to live a more complete, longer and satisfying Life in Nature. Get your slice of Nature. Take a little care of nature. She will take care of you and your future generations.

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Enjoy feeling Socially responsible 

In a world filled with armchair idealists, We need people who can really make a differance. Stop talking about Climate Change. Be the agent who transforms the the wprld for your own and the greater societys good. 

Dreamt of owning a Farm House near Bangalore?

Practical Ideas for setting up your Farm House 

Building a farm house in the Hill Top Farm Retreat is a very practical choice. Our farm is situated just 1.5 Km from  the nearest Village. you can walk down to buy your gorseries or the vegitables you did not grow in your garden. Also Available are Hotels, Bakeries, Health Clinics, Medical stores etc.

Talk to us. We can help you in designing your farm house and your farm life in short.

Own a Farm Near in Bangalore

Be a Part of Dynamic Managed Farm Community in Bangalore

Get more information and Plan your Site Visit
Tel: +91 89254 12027,