Our Vision

Creating Enriching Lifes that are Connected and well rooted in Nature !

The One Acre Farms was started with a vision to provide the urban dweller a option to start and lead a lifestyle that is tuned towards a sustainable living on a farm..

Feel Good & Go Green

Organic Food   Production

Off Grid Living
Eco Farm Houses

Agro Forestry  Profits

Why  Farming ?

A Relaxed Life

Life in a farm can be relaxed and gives you the best option to opt out of the rat race. 
A life amongst the greenery living among the chirping of birds and other life will sure relax you.

A Healthy Life

Fresh organic produce to eat, Fresh unpolluted Air and Water, and some Physical work,,, Is that not the best recepie for a healthy Life ?

A Content Life

What is more satisfying than literrally consuming the "Fruits of your Labor" ? Staying at your farm house tending to the your crops and plants and lifestock can really take you towards a content life.

A Longer Life

A body nourished with Healthy foods and a mind nourished with peace and tranquility... According to "Science" is a Guarantee for a Loong Life ! 

6 Reasons to Choose Us

Close to Bangalore

Projects starting 35  Kms From Bangalore

Viable Price

Starting at Rs. 39 Lacs Per Acre

Access to Good Roads

Motorable Asphalt Road right up to farm

Water Availablity

Excellent Water Resources at the Project SIte

Access to Manpower

Access to good Agri Labourers available

Power Availablity

Power From Grid can be Replaced with your own Solar Power

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