Our Vision

Creating Enriching Lifes that are Connected and well rooted in Nature ! Through our Gated Farm / Agricultural Land Projects Near Bangalore. As the    "Value For Money Farm Developer of Bangalore"

The One Acre Farms was started with a vision to provide the urban dweller a option to start and lead a lifestyle that is tuned towards a sustainable living on a farm..

Feel Good & Go Green
Why  Farming ?
farm plots for sale near bangalore

A Relaxed Life

Life in a farm can be relaxed and gives you the best option to opt out of the rat race. 
A life amongst the greenery living among the chirping of birds and other life will sure relax you.

Farm plots for sale near Bangalore

A Healthy Life

Fresh organic produce to eat, Fresh unpolluted Air and Water, and some Physical work,,, Is that not the best recepie for a healthy Life ?

happy life in farm land for sale near bangalore

A Content Life

What is more satisfying than literrally consuming the "Fruits of your Labor" ? Staying at your farm house tending to the your crops and plants and lifestock can really take you towards a content life.

Longer life in a farm house near bangalore

A Longer Life

A body nourished with Healthy foods and a mind nourished with peace and tranquility... According to "Science" is a Guarantee for a Loong Life ! 

6 Reasons to Consider Us While Choosing your Farm Plot and Farm Land for your House Near Bangalore

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