Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 : Can a non – agriculturist buy these plots?

Answer 1 : Yes. A Non Agriculturist Can buy our Agricultural Plots

Question 2 :Does the Property have Road?
AAnswer 2: Yes. Each and every plot offered by us has road.

Question 3 :Do these plots have clear and marketable Title?
Answer 3: Yes. All the Plots offered by us have absolutely clear and marketable title. All the plots are free from any kind of Encumbrances. These plots are under our sole ownership and possession.

Question 4 :What will be my status in the property after I purchase the plot?
Answer 4: You will be the Absolute Owner and Occupier with complete rights towards title of the Property.

Question 5 :What will be the document of purchase called?
Answer 5: Registered Sale Deed.

Question 6 :Where is the documentation towards purchase done?
Answer 6: Documents / Sale Deeds will be signed & executed (registered) in the Office of the Registrar /  Sub – Registrar (Government Registration Office) of the respective area where the Property is Located.

Question 7 :Can I buy the plot jointly along with my relative/friend/partner?
Answer 7: Yes. Two or more people can buy a single plot “Jointly”, under their title, but every such plot will always be a single entity/unit legally and cannot be divided between the parties involved. All the individual buyers will be owners of the entire plot collectively.

Question 8 :Are there any intermediates or agencies involved in the prospective sale?
Answer 8: No. There is no intermediate agency or broker involved. This is direct sale in favour of prospective clients.

Question 9 : Who are the present owners of these Plots?
Answer 9: We are the present owners and occupiers of these Plots. These plots are acquired / bought by us through registered documentation only and are under our sole title and discretion.