14 Benefits of Eating Organic Produce


05 February, 2017

As someone from Bangalore looking to buy a Farm Land or agriculture near Bangalore, you woluld be looking to grow your own organic vegitables. We try to analyse the health benifits of eating organic produce from your farm near Bangalore.

Due to the increasing health hazards, people are becoming aware of eating organic foods as there is no chemical substance is used and there is no risk to your health due to the usage of pesticides and chemicals on the particular food. Organic food is not limited to your health benefits as it also boosts the economy more positively and millions of people earn their livelihood due to organic farming.

What is Organic Food ?
Organic foods refer to the food products which are produced, prepared and processed without the use of any pesticides and chemicals. Also, there is no use of any hazardous chemical fertilizer and preservatives. Organic foods are gaining popularity as the majority of educated and health-conscious people knows their benefits. The general belief about organic food is that it is far better than conventional ones and one of the primary reason for increasing demand from the last few years.

Top Health Benefits of eating organic foods

1. Better Overall Health
As we know that there is no chemical or hazardous element is used in the production, preparation and processing of organic food, it does not have any harmful effect on your health. The natural techniques are used for producing it such as green manure to fertilize the lands along with crop rotation in pest and controlling the crop disease is quite a safe manner. Healthy foodstuff simply means that you have a better living for you and your family members.

2. Antoxidant Content
As per scientific studies, there are positive effects of antioxidants on your health derived from organic foods. The reason is that organic food is free from foreign chemicals that generally react with your organic compounds, vitamins and minerals resulting in lowering of the essential body elements due to the impact of antioxidants in organic food intake.
The latest reports reveal that intake of organic food can lead to more advancement of nutritionally advantageous antioxidants and have limited exposure to the heavy metals which are harmful to your health. The positive effect of antioxidants gained from organic foods prevents cancer, heart disease, premature ageing, vision problems and cognitive functions.

3. Antibiotic Resistance
We all are susceptible to various health issues and most of the times we have to rely on precautionary measures to make sure we stay healthy. Such health issues are generally controlled by physicians with a prescription of various vaccines and antibiotics medicines.
If you consume non-organic foods, you are more prone to health diseases which requires the intake of antibiotics medicine and vaccines. Your health reach at least risk for these diseases. It also boosts your immune health by rendering the power of natural food that you consume and give protection against diseases.

4. Better Taste
Apart from its vitamin and nutrients benefits, it also has the natural benefits of better taste as your organic food is made from the natural cycle and given much time to grow naturally.
The use of natural techniques reveals the reason for natural better taste. Generally, non-organic food interrupts natural growth and also affect the taste of the food as well. As per studies, organic foods have better taste and quality as compared to which are conventionally grown.

5. Pesticide Cutback
Chemical pesticides are connected with various health hazard such as digestive dysfunction, headaches, cancers, ADHD, weakened immune system and birth defects and also premature death. Organic foods are free from chemicals and pesticides that helps you in attaining overall better health.

As the pesticides keep the pest away, on the other hand, they keep the harmful chemicals like organophosphorus. These chemicals are considered unnatural and they are a harmful compound that brings different health abnormalities for humans. Organophosphorus is associated with health disorder like Autism and ADHD. You would surprise to know that organic foods can increase the age of people just by consuming it.

6. Stronger Immune System
Industrial and traditional farming aims to increase the production or the farm output by all means. your can attempt to produce more meat, more cereals and bigger fruits through genetic modification leading to serious health hazards and the world’s food insecurity issues.

The effects are not visible yet but in the long term, it will lead to consequences of allergens and will reduce the immune strength of humans. Eating organic foods reduces the risk of decreasing immune system strength are not with organic foods as they are not altered at all. They have higher vitamin and better quality and minerals to strengthen the human immune system.

7. Highly Nutritious Food
Organic foods such as organic milk, organic meat, fish and poultry have a high level of nutritious content as they are not modified for high output as compared to conventional agricultural foods.

Another important aspect is that they are highly nutritious as they are given proper time and conditions to grow naturally. The minerals and vitamins content In organic food is found in rich amount and quite beneficial for our overall growth.

A study reveals that organic food has a better antioxidant level and higher flavonol content as compared to conventional foods. Meta-Analysis 2016 published reports revealed that about 50% more omega-3 fatty acids are found in organic dairy and meat as a result of animals foraging on grasses enrich the omega 3s in their products.

A ten year California university studies reveal that organic tomatoes have double the concentration of quercetin as compared to conventional tomatoes. In 2001 study journal of alternative and complementary medicine that 5 vegetables named organic spinach, carrots, lettuce, cabbage and potato has significant high level of vitamin C, magnesium and iron and phosphorous and less nitrate level as compared to conventional ones.
Another study of 2019 on dairy products found that there were 60% antibiotics in conventional milk whereas organic milk samples have no antibiotics in them.

8. Fresh Foods
Organic foods are produced in a very strict environment and with standards of productions, processing and preparation. Producers don’t have even time to think about chemical substances.
Organic food is fresh and full of flavour since it does not use preservatives to increase food life.
The majority of the organic foods are available near the store to you or the market where they are produced.

9. Lesser Chance of Foodborne Illness
There are several food-borne illness reported by the different publications. Spinach, eggs, peanut butter, melons and fast food restaurant is on the top list of productions of conventional foods for agribusiness profits.
Even the animals are sick as they are vaccinated, drugged and fed by-products to increase productivity to meet the growing business demands.
This practice is known as concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) and causes drug infections to the end customers and increasing health concerns in society in a big way. The best way to prevent this,
we have to opt for organic food production to save society from becoming a disease hub.

10. Improved heart health
You would be happy to know that exclusive grazing of the natural grass increases the amount of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) found in animal products which are derived from grass and suns energy that is consumed by the animals. Sun energy is converted into photosynthesis and convert it into the most demanding organic CLA.
It is a healthy fatty acid that has the potential to protect your body from cardiovascular diseases and it has a higher amount of CLA in their milk and meat products.
So, consuming natural food products helps you increase the amount of CLA
in your body and results in lesser cardiovascular diseases.

11. Consumption of High-Quality Milk and Meat
Organic milk and meat are found at the highest quality. It is claimed that meat is not good for human beings. However, it is the CAFOs that worsen the quality of the milk and meat by introducing unhealthy and foreign antibiotics as well as other harmful medication in the final food product.

When you consume organic milk and meat, you are guaranteed products with the highest minerals and vitamins. Organic milk has 60% more omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants and CLAs than non-organic milk does not have. Organic cows graze naturally which results in higher nutrition milk and meat with higher quality.

12. The Lower Level of Toxic Metals
By now, it must be cleared to you that organic products come from direct environmental interactions with soil and sun for the food. Also, such foods do not use any agrichemical for better crop productions which means minimized consumption of toxic metals. Studies reveal that organic foods have 48% lesser level of toxic metals than conventional crops.

13. Lower Risk of Cancer
The United States environmental protection agency (EPA) reveals that 60% of the herbicides, 90% of the fungicides and 30% of the insecticides used in conventional or commercial farming may lead to the development of cancer in the humans body and Avoiding such carcinogenic chemicals can significantly improve your health.

14. Organic Foods Protect the Environment
Organic foods are grown locally and have minimal effect on the environmental resources that support healthy living. Since the harmful chemical is avoided in organic farming, it ensures a healthier and safe environment that takes minimum water, air and soil pollution. Organic farming lessens the long term effect on water, air and soil pollution.

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