Living in a farm at times of a Pandemic

27 March, 2020

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What a beautiful day at the Farm


Living in a farm at times of a Pandemic

Till now owning a farm plot near Bangalore was either due to the fact that one inherited a farm or because one was the part of a select few who wanted a alternate farm lifestyle.

There is a huge subculture called as prepping in various parts of the developed world. Prepping has been a obsession with a fringe group in the USA But sill this is a multi billion USD industry. Also concepts like Homesteading are gaining traction is various parts of the world.

The obsession with “prepping” and “survivalist” can be gauged by the popularity of various television series like 'Man Vs Wild', 'Dual Survivor', 'Naked And Afraid' Etc.

The Graph below from google trends shows the peaking of interest in the keyword  "prepping" has received a unpresidented peaking since the Corona Pandemic has started.
farm plots near bangalore

The recent Corona Virus Pandemic has raised a few questions in the minds of some people who are looking at ways to protect their themselves and their loved ones in case of these contingencies.

While you sit in your city home wonder what wold be the next step of the government in its efforts to contain the pandemic going to be ? You may begin to question if the obsession with concepts like prepping is really as unwarranted as it seems ?

The life in the farm would be challenging if you were dependent on the produce from the farm had to be sold to market. But if you just had to survive from what your farm provided till everything was totally ready in the city, A whole lot of stress and trouble could be saved.

If a farm house in a farm plot near Bangalore can offer you protection from any pandemics is a debatable question as the nature of the pandemic may not be exactly known. But a look into history will always show that the isolated always have a better chance of survival in times of any pandemic.

You don't buy insurance anticipating an untoward incident. But just to protect yourself and your loved ones from some untoward incident.

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